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Title I got a boy♥
Name Amber Sign Date 2014-05-20

Hello, Dr.Song^^

I received double-eyelid operation and Epicantho plasty surgery from Dr.Hong Sik Song a year ago.!^^

I don't know if you remember me... I waved at you and asked you to make my eyes pretty.^^

I'm writing review now because I'm a freshman that I've been busy attending school and because of too much assignments~

To conclude first..... Awsome! Awsome! I mean.... Awsome!!!!!! I am very satisfied!!!


I mean my eyes made me look sleepy ㅠㅠ My eyelids were thick and had excess amounts of fat deposits that I went to the hospital to receive blepharoptosis surgery, but I received double-eyelid operation and Epicantho plasty surgery because you told me that I didn't have blepharoptosis, but it was the curtain-eye syndrome.

I was very worried because of swelling at first, but after some time, I was able to open my eyes better and looked much bigger because eyelids were lifted upward. Hee Hee. You told me that you won't do the Epicantho plasty surgery too excessively - and it is true that you didn't do it too much... but why did my eyes get this bigger??? ^^

Did you play magic on me....? Hee Hee

People don't tell me that I look unkind anymore, but I exude limpid feminie charm, I think. Hee Hee. They look so natural that friends who I meet for the first time don't recognize that I received surgery. I highly recommend Dr.Hong Sik Song to those who are thinking about getting double-eyelid surgery!!!

He is very meticulous and has a keen sense of beauty! I praise Dr.Song~!! Hee Hee

Everyone, your life will change.

I deleted every picture that I took before the surgery, but I found one. Hee Hee.

I am uploading the picture to help you to decide.... and to brag~ ^^ (In fact, my eyes look much prettier in person. I'm acting silly, huh?)

I'm gonna get consultation about my nose during this break~ Please make it pretty again~