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Rhinoplasty to elevate low noses

  • In most cases with Asians, nasal dorsum is low and tip is bulbous and undefined in structure. In these low noses, nasal dorsum is elevated through an insertion of implant, tip of the nose is raised through the manipulation of cartilages at the tip as well as using septal and ear cartilages.
  • In the past, surgeries were only concerned with elevating the height of the nose but in these cases, there were no treatment for the tip of the nose and did not result in beautiful nose.
    In almost all surgeries, it is important to operate on both nasal dorsum as well as nasal tip.
  • Especially with nasal tip, it is crucial to separate nasal cartilages apart and perform surgery to change the shape of the nostril cartilage. It is possible to simply insert cartilage at the tip of the nose to raise its height but in these cases, shape of nostrils remain unchanged and can look very unnatural when looked up from below.