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Nose Tip Surgery (Nose Tip Rhinoplasty, Tip-plasty) treating only nasal tips

  • When you think about nasal surgery, you tend to think of Rhinoplasty of elevating both nasal dorsum and nasal tip. But nose tip surgery, treating only nose tip, is also being actively performed. There are various surgical methods of Tip-plasty depending on the shape of nose tips. Ideal nose tip is not too pointy but high and slightly elevated in shape but Asian noses are blunt and have excessive soft tissue (skin). To make a beautiful nose, various tip-plasty can be carried out such as two nasal cartilages are brought together and tied, cartilage grafting or additional cartilage pillar on top of nasal cartilages.
  • With a person with already relatively high nose or heightened nose through insertion of implants, it is necessary to have suitable shape and height of nose tip to be portrait as an ideal nose.
  • At Dream Plastic Surgery, the most common method is to insert nasal pillar(columellar strut). The effects of Rhinoplasty can be maximized. Own cartilage (mostly septal cartilage) is used to insert a pillar and nasal cartilages are sutured. On top of the sutured cartilages, ear cartilages and skin are grafted to make high and protruding nose tip.
  • Nose pillar insertion can also make the angle between the lip and nose tip more ideal and refined and hence maximize the effect of Rhinoplasty. It also helps greatly with maintaining the effect of Tip-plasty for longer period of time.

Low nose tip surgery

  • People with very low nose tips, it is difficult to achieve sufficiently high nose tips solely with ear cartilage grafting. At Dream Plastic Surgery, own cartilage (mostly septal cartilages) is used to insert a pillar and nasal cartilages are sutured. On top of the sutured cartilages, many layers of ear or septal cartilages are grafted accompanied by skin grafting to make sufficiently high and protruding nose tip. This method is greatly helpful in maintaining the effect of Tip-plasty for long period of time.

Bulbous Nose Tip Surgery

  • To treat bulbous noses from thick skin and soft tissue, you need a nose tip surgery to reduce its size. This surgery involves incision of wide and large nasal cartilages to reduce their sizes and bring them together and lift them with nasal cartilage pillar. Then cartilage grafting to give protruding nose tip along with incision of excessive soft tissue inside nose is carried out. Through these surgeries, blunt and bulbous nose can be transformed into sharp and refined nose.

Wide Nose Tip Surgery

  • Wide nose tip surgery involves change of cartilage structure at the tip of the nose. The angle of wide spreading nasal cartilages is changed by bringing them together and then sutured. Wide spread noses are usually low in height and hence cartilage pillar made from own cartilage (mainly septal cartilage) is inserted and followed by ear cartilage grafting or alloplastic-dermis insertion to make high and protruding nose.
    If your nostrils are exceptionally large, alar base reduction surgery should be considered. Alar base reduction surgeries can be divided external incision and internal incision surgeries. External incision as with open incisional surgeries has higher possibility of scars but they will be hidden in the crease where nose meets cheeks. Sufficient consultation with the doctor is necessary before a careful decision.