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Surgical Method

  • Breast reduction surgery involves reduction of Areola, which changed the position of nipples and areola, reduction of breast tissues and resecting of excessive saggy skin. In this surgery, the most important issues for patients are how much breast reduction can be achieved, how much scar will be left behind and how balanced and pretty the resulting shape of breasts will be.
  • Breast reduction surgery involves skin incision and inevitably leaves behind certain scars. These scars can be in circular shapes around areola, vertical line down from nipples and horizontal inward and outward lines at the base of breasts. The smaller the scars, greater the level of satisfaction but then more the amount of breast tissue to be removed, longer the lengths of scars left behind. To more the length of saggy breasts to be lifted, scars tend to be longer. The greater the amount of breast reduction, the longer the length of resulting scars.
  • It is extremely important to have a consultation before surgery on size of breasts and length of scars you can tolerate and decide on the method.

Breast Reduction Surgery around areola

  • Breast reduction surgery called Round block technique of incising around areolas is mostly used to treat patients and the advantages of the technique are as below:
  • 1. Scars are formed in circles around areolas and not readily visible.
  • In Korea, the biggest problem with breast reduction surgery is long scars left behind. But with this method, the scars are minimized and allow patients to maintain beautiful breasts.
  • 2. By breast tissues are folded and firmly attached to the chest wall so they don’t get flat and remain in bulging breast shape.
  • The main purpose of breast reduction is achieved with very little scars left behind.
  • 3. This surgery can minimize scars with relatively large reduction in breast size to eliminate the discomfort of large breasts.
  • The main purpose of breast reduction is achieved with very little scars left behind.
  • 4. Return to daily life is quick.
  • Due to short incision on skin, very small pain is accompanied and the same day discharge is possible.
    Busy working people can have the surgery and return to work promptly.