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All in One Elemental effects of autogenous fat graft

All in One Fat Graft Surgery

  • In our surroundings, we may occasionally encounter a personwho is concerned about temperamentally skinny face or weight loss of cheek due to aging. “autogenous fat graft” is a recommendable way of solving this problem.
    “Autogenous fat graft” is to inject pure fat into deficient part of our body by purifying it after suctioning out fat through small hole of body in a form of tiny grain. This method is currently being widely used as a lot of fat could be suctioned out without leaving scar and touch of grafted site also feels natural.
    When grafting this suctioned fat to sunken part of face due to fat loss such as upper eyelid part, temple, forehead or nasal surroundings, “nasolabial fold” around the mouth and sunken (caved) part of both cheeks, it is very effective. In particular, in case that aging is evident due to rapid facial weight loss after middle age, facial fat augmentation through micro-fat graft will lead to an effect of looking more young than one’s age by more than 5 years as it will make impression look chubby and skin more elastic than ever. In case that though young, one looks frail and does not look healthy for being too skinny, “autogenous fat graft” may create healthy and vivid impression.
    Of course, this procedure is also effective for any partially sunken part and considerable volume could be added to breast or hip as well.