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  • There are many ways to lift saggy skin.
    Traditionally skin in front of ears are resected, saggy skin is pulled back and sutured back.
    But if skin sagging is mild, a special thread is implanted with a needle and it will continue to pull on skin and solve saggy skin problem. Magic lift is recently getting very popular and is a simple surgery, where it can be performed under local or sleep anesthesia and has virtually no complications. It was developed by Dr. Shulimanitz from Russia in 2000’s where thread with hooks are placed underneath skin through a needle, the thread will continuously pull on the skin to give a youthful facelift. They are effective for nasolabial wrinkle, saggy cheeks and double chins around mouth. Magic lift can be applied to 30’s into aged and it much more natural than incisional face surgeries and suitable when a discreet improvement is desired.