Mastopexy(Breast Lift Surgery)
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Possible Patients

  • With resilient and full bosomed breasts in your youth and before pregnancy, they tend to sag and nipples point downward through pregnancy, giving birth and aging.
  • They are more evident in people with relatively large breasts and even with smaller breasts, they will witness their nipples pointing downward. When you have sagging breasts, they are not only disturbing aesthetically but also cause overlapping of skin, physical discomfort and can induce mental stress. Breast lift surgeries to correct sagging breasts are continuously increasing and more women are getting interested as a part of finding themselves.
    Degree of breast sagging can be measured by how far below are nipples from creases at the base of their breasts.
    Normally nipples should be 4-5cm above creases at the base of breasts but if they are below these creases, then surgical correction can be considered.

Surgical Method

  • Breast lift surgery is not to change the volume of breasts but to elevate abnormally lowered breasts along with nipple-areola tissues into their normal position.
  • When the degree of sagging is not severe, breast ptosis can be corrected by augmentation mammoplasty only.
  • When the degree of sagging is severe, excessive skin will be resected through incision around areola and breast tissues will be folded and firmly attached to chest wall to create nicely blossomed breasts with their nipples pointing slightly upward. If volume of breasts is not enough, breast enlargement surgery can be done simultaneously.
  • Breast lift surgery is done under sleep anesthesia but when accompanied by breast enlargement or reduction surgeries, it is done under general anesthesia.
    The surgery will take about 1 hour and same day discharge is possible.
    Follow up visiting treatment will be over in 1 week. 。