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  • As you are getting older, skin loses elasticity and the membrane surrounding Buccal fat loosen and cause sagging cheek, deeper nasolabial crease and drooping of chin skin. Sagging of skin begins at 30 and all the facial soft tissues also begin to droop.
    To recover your face from aging, incision right in front of ears are made to tighten soft tissues and pull back on skin. This is the traditional face lift surgery.
  • But for Korean, faces are wider and skin is thicker and just pulling on the skin has the limited effect. Also cheek bones (Maxillary protrusion) are often protruding forward to make nasolabial creases more prominent and this presented another limit for just the skin pulling.
  • At Dream Plastic Surgery, we practice multilayer combined face lift surgery to achieve the facial balance and harmony. This surgery rearranges all three tissues, Orbicularis Oculi around eyes, platysma around neck and buccal fat in cheeks, and fixes them upward and addresses each cause of facial aging, minimize skin resection to create most natural face after the surgery.