Epicanthoplasty (Inner Corner Fold Removal)
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Epicanthoplasty (Inner Corner Fold Removal)

  • Epicanthoplasty(Mongolian fold removal surgery) either separate or in combination with double eyelid surgery
  • Epicanthoplasty is suitable when eyes are wide apart or eyes look somewhat strange due to Mongolian folds.
  • By cutting out inner corner fold, lengths of eyes are increased.
  • Scars after the surgery can look reddish but it will get better over time.
  • Scars will be formed along inside double eyelid creases and hence rarely visible and 2-3months after the surgery, in most cases, they become much less visible even without any make-ups.
  • It looks most pretty and balanced when eye to eye distance is same as the length of eyes. If you are not happy with the wide gap between the two eyes, it is usually because of Mongolian folds in Asians.
  • This is formed when skin in inner most part of eyelids is folded over inner corner angle. When this is excessively developed, it can make the gap between the eyes too wide and look unbalanced.
  • This is surgically removed to bring the inner corner angle closer to the facial center and eyes look bigger by widening the width of eyes and making face look more balanced.
    This is usually called Inner Corner Fold Removal and is in fact Mongolian fold removal. This is in many cases performed in combination with double eyelid surgery but it can be done separately as well.