Revision Double Eyelid Surgery
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When double eyelids are not symmetrical on both sides.
So called sausage eyelids, where swellings from the previous surgery never went away.
Double eyelid creases were done too thick and deep
Multiple creases were formed
Sagging skin from aging are blocking double eyelid creases.

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Tissue adhesion or level of preservation by existing operation and extra skin that allows reoperation are crucial to reoperation of double eyelid and direction of reoperation is determined by the desired requirement of the patient and patient’s own line pattern. In order to confirm final result of double eyelid operation, it takes at least 3-6 months as symmetric condition of eye size could be identified only when stiffened skin by operation is softened again and swelling is subsides. However, if height and depth of double eyelid should be adjusted properly, postoperative swelling is reduced and recuperation time could be shortened to about 2 weeks to the extent that postoperative eyelid looks better.