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Revision surgeries require a lot of skill and know-how’s.

  • There are many different reasons for nose revision surgeries. Surgical methods differ between different doctors and there are numerous external symptoms and internal conditions of people visiting our clinic, looking revision surgeries to previous ones performed at other clinics. For these reasons, revision surgeries compared to the first ones, can be unpredictable and hence more difficult.
  • 1) functional reasons, where patients have infection or exposed implants etc. and 2)reasons associated with appearances.
    With nose revision surgeries, scar tissues and their integrity from preceding surgeries, room and condition of skin are very important factors. So enough time(normally 6 months) has to lapse in most cases and depending on what patients want and status of their noses, surgical details will be decided.
  • Many people think recovery period will be longer for revision surgeries than the first ones but in most cases, they are not significantly longer than the first. Like the first surgeries, sutures will be removed in 6-7days after the surgery and acute swelling will be gone between 7-10 days. But in some cases, swelling can persist longer than the first.
  • With revision nose surgeries, open incision is rarely requires but in most cases, internal incision is used.
  • Also evern in revision surgery, only a minor correct correction can be done with a simple surgery. But in most cases of revision surgery, it involves elimination of implants from previous surgery and rearrangement of cartilages and traces from previous ones with possible insertion of new implants and placement of new cartilages. This requires a lot of skills and know-how’s and for this reason, it is important to have them performed by surgeons with abundant experiences and strong basic techniques.
  • At Dream Plastic Surgery, we have accumulated amount of clinical trials and experience, which allow us to explain to patients about detailed processes involved with revision nose surgeries and build up their trust.
  • With revision nose surgery, rather than on-line consultation, it is strongly advised that you visit the clinic so we can examine exact condition of patients and explain in details what can be expected.