Augmentation Mammoplasty
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Augmentation Mammoplasty

  • In our clinic, this procedure is being performed by selecting filler material of proper type matching with individual condition (height, shoulder width, shape/area of chest, current degree of chest tissue, skin thickness, etc.), desired filler material and features of the patient through numerous clinical cases.
  • Nowadays, cohesive gel implant being most widely used as an breast impant that enables to make natural breast having shape and touch almost similar to that of actual real breast after getting approval from FDA of the U.S.A. and KFDA and even though gel should be ruptured, it is safe as it does not spread for its solidification.
  • Incision part most suitable for the patient is selected under diagnosis and consultation with surgeon in charge. Operation is performed mainly through “axillary crease” and if desired, incision around areola is performed as well. Through in-depth breast augmentation, very natural configuration and touch are provided. It usually takes about 1 hour for the operation to be performed and depending on the postoperative condition of the patient, hospitalization for one day may be required or discharge on the very date may be allowed as the case may be. Owing to an anesthetic solution effect injected in advance, postoperative pain is not severely felt and recuperation time is short so much as to be able to lead anormal life after short bed rest period of app. 2-3 days.
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