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What is liposuction?

  • Liposuction is a surgery where unwanted fat is eliminated through small skin incisions with a thin tube with suction pressure and it is a part of plastic surgery. Liposuction removes unwanted fat tissue out of body for balanced contour of our entire bodies and merely reducing body weight is not the primary purpose. Of course in case of severe obesity, liposuction is often used as an external treatment for obesity in addition to internal methods.
  • Liposuction targets resistant fat, which is non-responsive to exercises and dietary controls and it makes our body line slim and balanced.
  • These resistant fatty cells are often based on genetic reasons and their accumulation should not be entirely blamed on yourself.
  • Both in females and males, unwanted fat can accumulated in areas such as below chins, abdomen, sides, hips, thighs, knees, arms and calves. You can get immediate visual effects in these areas through liposuction.
  • Another application of liposuction is an ultrasound liposuction where scars are minimized and effectively cure arm pit odors (osmidrosis).
    This is a part of ultrasound liposuction methods, where Intra ultrasonic equipment and reformed suction system suited for arm pits are used to treat arm pit odors.
  • Abdomen

  • Liposuction in abdomen can be done with local analgesia without the need for general anesthesia and it doesn’t leave behind long scars as in abdominal surgeries. It has a very short recovery period with high level of satisfaction.

  • Thigh

  • It can be treated with liposuction and in most cases it is done with liposuction of inside knees. This will allow beautiful bodyline from thighs to be continued down to knee area.

  • Hips

  • Liposuction in hip area is normally performed on outer 2/3 (to prevent middle part of hips becoming too flat). Through this, youthful hiplines can be restored with great results.

  • Waist

  • Many patients are satisfied with the fact that they can wear clothes 1 or 2 sizes down after liposuction surgery in this area.

  • Back

  • Amongst women, great level of satisfaction is achieved by eliminating skins(fat) folding over and below bra lines.

  • Arms

  • Great satisfaction is felt from patients witnessing fatty tissues being eliminated, skins being taut and lines are being refined.

  • Face

  • Through liposuction, excessive fat is removed from lower face, jaw and neck areas and define contour lines through attachment of skin. This can put off face lift surgery until later and in some cases, makes wrinkle surgery unnecessary altogether.

  • Calf

  • By eliminating excessive subcutaneous fat from calves and ankles through liposuction, healthy and attractive lines from calf muscles underneath can be obtained.

  • Breast

  • With female breasts, using VASER intra ultrasound liposuction surgery can give great result. Women with large breasts can perform liposuction along with breast reduction surgery to get more feminine shape of breasts.