Upper Eye Lid Surgery(Upper Blepharoplasty)
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  • Upper eyelid surgery(Removal surgery of eye wrinkles) to give back youthful and fresh appearances
  • As you get older, it is part of aging process to get saggy eyelids, eye wrinkles and lowering of outer eyes.
    It varies depending on skin condition and individual health condition but in some severe cases, people can look older than actual the age.
  • It is suitable for people with fine wrinkles and sagging of eye skin and eyelids.
  • It eliminates saggy eyelid skin, excessive fat and partial muscle structures and it creates clean double eyelid lines.
  • Within 2-3 weeks after the surgery, you will see much younger looking eyes.

Not only in the aesthetical aspect but also in the functional aspect, drooping eyelids can inconvenience your life

Darker part within your black iris is called Pupil. In normal brightness, if your eyelids are below the pupil, then it can be considered that you your eyelids are drooping than normal. In this case, eyelids can block your eye like curtains and can adversely your eye vision. In extreme cases, skins can overlap considerably and cause inflammation. As you get older, it is natural to have more wrinkles and sagging eyelids and outer ends of eyes. Aging manifestations around your eyes can have individual differences but in severe cases, you can look older than your actual age.

At Dream Plastic Surgery, we carefully consider each patient’s conditions and select the most appropriate method for the best possible outcome.

Some people may feel embarrassed to have an eye surgery because they are aged but you really should not worry when you are sitting down with a specialist surgeon, who has an abundant medical experience along with aesthetic sense, to consider your personal skin elasticity, eye sizes and intention.