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Stem Cell Transplantation + PRP

“Make face young, vivid and healthy”

  • Stem cell transplantation is a procedure showing outstanding effect in improving and maintaining facial vitality and elasticity when stem cell, the most young and basic cell in our body, is transplanted into face. While young cells differentiated from stem cell is supplied to the face after the procedure, it could be observed actually that facial configuration is gradually getting young and skin and dermal property and elasticity are improved surprisingly and in addition, this procedure may be most effective as anti-aging procedures as aging process is relatively delayed and rejuvenation is facilitated and maintained than ever owing to continuous differentiation of stem cell and supply of mother cell.
  • It is “a general practice” that at the time of stem cell transplantation, PRP procedure is usually accompanied at the same time.
    PRP (Platelet-rich plasma: skin regenerative procedure by using autologous blood) procedure is to supply autologous plasma to face by separating plasma containing a lot of platelet from the blood by centrifugation.
    In this plasma separated from blood, growth factor required for cell growth and mononuclear cell that plays an important role for making stem cell as well as plenty of platelets are contained and these elements are outstandingly effective for wound healing, skin regeneration and anti-aging/pigmentation by restoring damaged skin. Dream Plastic Surgery Clinic helps the patients maintain and restore clear, bright and healthy skin and vitality – everybody’s long desire – through stem cell transplantation and PRP concomitant procedure.