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Title Highly recommend nasolabial fold fat grafting!
Name Karen Sign Date 2014-03-11

My face shape is relatively long and I didn’t have much volume, so I was concerned about looking unfriendly and old. I began searching for filler injection, but I learned about fat grafting.

The more I searched online, the more my fear grew that I might become one of the girls who look alike from having the same cosmetic surgery.

But when I turned 30, I could see that it was getting worse everyday, so I decided to have a surgery. And I found Dr. Song after some research. I realized how lucky I was to find him even more after the surgery. Hehe The result is natural and pretty, and the look is exactly what I wanted. I was a bit anxious during the first three to four days when the swelling was quite intense, but it’s been a year now and I can’t be more satisfied. Anyone who has a long face with less volume, if your nasolabial folds are getting deeper, go now. I strongly recommend it. Hehe