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Title Forehead fat grafting
Name Sharon Sign Date 2014-03-07

It’s been already a year since the forehead fat grafting.

I was always bitter about my flat forehead.

Until I turned 27, I always had a fringe to cover my forehead.

I wanted to have a more elegant hair style without fringe, but my small and flat forehead was a problem…

I think it was last year around this time… I followed my friend for a consultation and after she told the consulting manager about what she wanted to change, I slipped mine, too, that my flat forehead bothered me so much….

The consulting manager recommended an autologous fat grafting.

She said Dr. Song’s fat grafting process is different from those of other clinics.

Hearing that the integration rate is much higher with only one session, I made the decision.

It’s been a year now, and the result is amazing. Many of my friends had fat grafting from other clinics, but none of their results is as good as mine. Even though they had two or even three sessions. Hehe.

Thanks to Dr. Song, I could get rid of my fringe. I never imagined it before and I am so happy now.

A friend of mine, who had a fat grafting surgery from Dr. Song 7 years ago, opened a restaurant, so I went to visit and her new forehead was still there!

I guess no one can beat Dr. Song’s skills.

When it comes to a fat transfer, Dr. Hong-sik Song is definitely the best.

I hope the pictures of me would be helpful for anyone considering fat transfer.